Monday, July 6, 2009

What is THIS? RAIN???

You know you're getting old when you become concerned about the weather. Our last day of school was May 22nd. I know, for a fact, that from that day until July 4th we did not have a DROP of rain at our house! That's OVER a month without rain!

However, that all changed Saturday! Bobby was outside getting somethings ready for a cookout with our friends, when he comes in to tell me to, "come quick, and look outside!" All day it had been cloudy, but we've had threatening clouds before that never let loose any sort of moisture.

Sure enough, I get outside and its...RAIN RAIN GLORIOUS RAIN! Our grass is dying, the tomatoes didn't do so well this year, the ants are about to carry us away...all because of the lack of rain.

Of course, I grabbed the camera. I had to document the first rain in over a month! As I type this, its raining again today (Monday). What is it about rain and the occasional low roll of thunder that makes one VERY sleepy?
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  1. Glad to see you finally got some rain. Now curl up with a good book and nap.