Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Things I KNOW (and did today)

I know the difference between a BLOG and FACEBOOK.

I know how to READ word for word (and not skim something and THINK it says something else...how stupid would you feel if you threatened someone and didn't even have your info straight?)

I know how to call my cell service provider and get a phone number blocked.

I know how to print text messages out.

I know how to file a police report first thing on a Tuesday morning (the PD was SO nice and helpful, by the way) thus proving that....

I know I don't take threats lightly.

I know how to laugh at the stupidity of others.

I know how to let things roll off my back.

I know that some people never change.

I know that my life is not so pointless that I need google some one's name just to stalk them online. Pathetic.

So, guys, what do you know (and did you use any of that knowledge today)? :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Give Away!!!

***Attention Scrapbookers and Crafters***
This is my FIRST blog giveaway!! YAY! My loss will be YOUR gain! I mistakingly ordered two sets of Cosmo Cricket's new release, Early Bird so I'm giving one lucky winner the collection!

All you have to do is subscribe to my blog, and leave a comment on either this entry or Back to the Beach or Back to the Beach part 2.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday at 6pm CST, so keep checking back!

Good luck!

Back to the Beach Part 2

Once again, we stopped at Burris Farm Market on the way home. We love this place. It just makes us HAPPY.
We brought back THREE bushels of corn that Bobby will be bagging up and giving away again. We also sauntered into the bakery to check out the goodies. We were NOT disappointed.
Has anyone grown any garden goodies this year? Have a favorite farmer's market? I'd love to hear about it. Please leave you comments!

Back to the Beach

We took off Friday evening and headed back to Gulf Shores. Although it was a short trip, it was a lot of fun to get away.

We spent Saturday on the beach (my favorite place). I read, listened to my ipod, and took naps. I think I could make this my new career!
Poor Bobby! Sunblock, aloha shirt, cap, and minimal time in the sun, did NOT keep him from tuning a nice shade of pink. He just cannot tan!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Jay and Marylin asked me if I would take photos of Macey every two months. I GLADLY said YES!!! First of all, photography is my hobby. I am by NO means a pro, but I'm a definite "wannabe." :)

Taking pics of Macey would give me much needed opportunity to practice. After this photo shoot, I have been inspired to do a few things:

1. read my blooming manual for my camera!
2. read the Scott Kelby book on digital photography
3. figure out how to use my external flash
4. install and learn Photo shop Elements 6

I think, overall, the pics turned out ok. Definitely got some cute ones that were so appropriate for Father's Day. Let me tell you, this daddy is proud of his little girl!

The Livingstons were once a beautiful couple....now, they are a beautiful family...and that just makes me smile.
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Burris Farm Market

You know what I love best about this blog post? Im using my DSLR for these pictures!! I was too scared to get it out much on the beach, so I used my point and shoot, and boy can I tell the difference in the quality!

Bobby's favorite part of the trip was Burris Farm Market. They had everything! He bought corn for his buddies and made a trip that afternoon anonymously delivering it.

Nothing says "summertime" like fresh produce. We WILL be going back here to stock up again!

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part 4

Also on a friend's suggestion, we went to Lulu's. Lulu is Lucy, sister of the famed Jimmy Buffet. This place was lots of fun. All open air with great music and the best key lime pie I've ever had!

Yes, I convinced Bobby to put his "butt" there. :)
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part 3

Friends of ours suggested we go to Tacky Jacks. We did. Although they have a massive pancake, we were not terribly impressed by the dining experience. First of all, every seat there is a bar stool...a very TALL bar stool. When you are BARELY 5 ft 3 inches like myself, tall barstools are NOT comfortable!

Oh and we found evidence of Big Foot...apparently Columbia's not the only town with a Big Foot! :)
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part 2

The sun is SO NOT Bobby's friend. He stayed in the shade, covered in sunblock, and with a shirt on. My fair skinned hubby.

We found a retaurant that we LOVED...Gulf Shores Steamer. There is nothing fried on the menu. We had yummy mussels, ruby red shrimp, and crab legs.

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So behind on my blogging! part 1

So, a couple of weeks ago, Bobby and I took a weekend trip to Gulf Shores, AL. The sand, the sun, and the ocean....ahhhh!

We were able to get a room on the beach, and we rented those comfy chairs and umbrellas for the weekend. That comfy chair is where I promptly parked my behined and stayed for two days :) The sun is my friend!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back in the Scrap Room

I cannot believe that I didn't go to the pool until after 6pm today! I'm certainly not going to lie and make you think I was extremely productive or anything. I'm actually not sure how I wasted the day....but I wasted it!

I did get in the scraproom and do a little organizing. I was inspired to to a couple of layouts and make a few cards.

The cards came in a Basic Grey kit, and I must say that I was not impressed with the rub-ons. They were hardly usable. I managed and got all of the cards completed. They turned out cute. I have more of these kits, so I hope that the rub-on thing was a fluke with just this one kit.

This evening, when Bobby got home, we went to the pool with his parents. We all played frisbee! What a blast!

I am beyond thrilled to say that we are leaving for the beach early Friday morning! We rented a condo for the weekend, and I plan to keep my toes in the sand for the entire weekend!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Times!

Just a little video clip from Friday night. Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

And They Call it Puppy Love

I was able to get some cute photographs of Wookie and Duffy yesterday. Wookie is Duffy's "older woman", being a mature 8.5 years old to his youthful 2.5 years. Yep, she's a cougar!

Duffy has always had a "thing" for Wookie. He LOVES her ears and can't stop licking them and sniffing them. They are adorable together.

Wookie is still young enough to want to play with Duffy, but when she's tired she's ready to NAP. This Duffy just doesn't understand. He still has all of his puppy energy. It takes Wookie nearly a full day to recover from playtime with Duffy!

I guess these two are proof that love knows no boundaries, and age is nothing but a number! Sweet puppy love!

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