Friday, June 26, 2009

Burris Farm Market

You know what I love best about this blog post? Im using my DSLR for these pictures!! I was too scared to get it out much on the beach, so I used my point and shoot, and boy can I tell the difference in the quality!

Bobby's favorite part of the trip was Burris Farm Market. They had everything! He bought corn for his buddies and made a trip that afternoon anonymously delivering it.

Nothing says "summertime" like fresh produce. We WILL be going back here to stock up again!

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  1. Where is this??? . . . gr8lsufan

  2. This is in Loxley...going to Gulf Shores. Its awesome!

  3. I love Farmer's Markets! Every time my DH and I head upstate Ny we always stop at every one! lol. I wish there were more in Queens NY! Looks like a great place!