Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Jay and Marylin asked me if I would take photos of Macey every two months. I GLADLY said YES!!! First of all, photography is my hobby. I am by NO means a pro, but I'm a definite "wannabe." :)

Taking pics of Macey would give me much needed opportunity to practice. After this photo shoot, I have been inspired to do a few things:

1. read my blooming manual for my camera!
2. read the Scott Kelby book on digital photography
3. figure out how to use my external flash
4. install and learn Photo shop Elements 6

I think, overall, the pics turned out ok. Definitely got some cute ones that were so appropriate for Father's Day. Let me tell you, this daddy is proud of his little girl!

The Livingstons were once a beautiful, they are a beautiful family...and that just makes me smile.
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  1. ooooh! look at that sweet face, these are terrific!

  2. You're right. What a gorgeous family!