Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Joy in the Form of Four on the Floor

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment. ~George Eliot

This post is simply about nothing other than our two sweet fur babies.

These two are getting old. They will turn 12 and 9 this fall.

They have never judged, withheld affection, or said a harsh word to us. :) They make us laugh, they comfort us when we are sick, and they snuggle us all the time.

They have their own personalities, their favorite toys, their hiding spots, and their funny little quirks.

The have their own language of barks, erfs, growls, and songs. We are FLUENT in their language, recognizing their every sound.

They have many nicknames and answer to them all.

They tell us when it's bedtime.

They tell us when it's potty time.

They refuse to tell us where they've hidden our favorite shoe or when and where (or why)they've thrown up last.

They are our girls. We love them to pieces. :)

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

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  1. They are adorable! My Shepherd, Roxi, is 7 this year and my beagle, Ralphie, is 8. I wish they lived longer, they are my babies. We just added a new furbaby to our household, a kitten by the name of Skeeter Derek Jeter, courtesy of my youngest. He has been wanting a cat since ours passed on a few years back. They are becoming as thick as thieves. Sweet.

    Enjoy those gorgeous furkids of yours. They are precious.


  2. I have a soft spot for mini schnauzers. We lost ours a year and a half ago to a tumor. My girls are too young right now for us to add a dog into the mix, but when they get a little older this will be the kind we get.