Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Jew Jew Beans!

My sweet Schnauzer, Jewel, had to have surgery last week. If you have a schnauzer, you may have been through this already as it appears to be a common ailment with the breed. Last Friday, my husband took her outside for a potty break and noticed two small stones fall from her urine. He couldn't decide if they came out of her, or if she had picked them up when she stopped in the driveway to scratch and they fell off while she urinated.

To be on the safe side, he collected the stones and took them to the vet on Monday. The vet said that they looked like other stones she had seen dogs pass. She did an xray on Jewel and saw about a dozen stones in her bladder-one the size of a silver dollar!

Our vet arranged for surgery on Wednesday. For the rest of that Monday and Tuesday, I was in a total panic. My schnauzer is no spring chicken. As a matter of fact, she was turning 12 that Thursday. I hated the idea of her being put under anethesia, but I knew she was uncomfortable. She would make a potty but continue squatting like she still had to go. She had also had a couple of accidents inside, which she NEVER does!

So, poor Butters (yes, she has a gazillion nicknames) goes in for surgery Wednesday morning.

It actually didn't take them long to complete the surgery. This is our old girl on some pretty darn good drugs when we picked her up.

Poor baby had drooled on herself....LOL!

It turned out that she had nearly 100 stones in her bladder! This is what they looked like! These were not coming from her kidneys, they were being formed in the bladder. So, they will be sent off for analyzing, and we can determine what kind of preventative diet to put her on.
Dr. Loper is such a great vet!

My sweet girl, home and resting.

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  1. Sending get well thoughts to your baby. Poor thing! Hope they can figure out what caused them and it will help her from getting them again.


  2. Oh, dear! I am glad that she is doing better now, and I hope you find a way to keep this from happening again!