Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Days Off

So, as I finished getting ready for work Monday morning, I walked into the bedroom to tell the husband goodbye and to grab my cell and kindle and a sudden sharp pain shot through my chest. It happened when I inhaled, and was on my left side up high by my heart. I wasn't too concerned, because I've had chest pains before. I saw a cardiologist back 5-6 years ago, and he found nothing wrong with my heart. He just chalked it up to stress.

Bobby noticed when I caught my breath and asked me what was wrong. I told him my chest had just started hurting. Again, he was not concerned. This has happened off and on since he's known me.

Anyway, off to school I go. Generally, these pains last only a couple of hours. ALL DAY my chest HURT. I teach, and its hard to to teach without When I got home, I was so wiped out from hurting all day, that I lied down on the couch and slept until 8:30. It was impossible to lie on my left side because of the pain.

When I woke up Tuesday morning I was still in a lot of pain. Bobby insisted that I go to the ER since the pain had been constant for over 24 hours. So, off we go. Two and a half hours later, after an EKG and chest x-ray I was told what I already knew: my heart is fine. *sigh* I was diagnosed with costochondritis. Here's what the Mayo Clinic says about it:

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum). It causes sharp pain in the costosternal joint — where your ribs and breastbone are joined by rubbery cartilage. Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions.

Most cases of costochondritis have no apparent cause. In these cases, treatment focuses on easing your pain while you wait for costochondritis to resolve on its own.

The ER doc also mention pleurisy. I was familiar with both of these terms. This gal is dangerous with google!

Here's what WebMd says about pleurisy:

Pleurisy, also called pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, which is the moist, double-layered membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the rib cage. The condition can make breathing extremely painful. Sometimes it is associated with another condition called pleural effusion, where excess fluid fills the area between the membrane's layers.

Basically, I have an infection in the cartilage/bones in my chest. Nice to know finally what causes my chest pain. I was given two shots. One was toradol and one was prednisone (one for each hip). I have NEVER reacted to a shot before. However, this time, I started getting really hot and tingly. I lost my peripheral vision and it sounded like everyone was far away and that I had cotton stuffed in my ears. They made me lie down until I felt better. My blood pressure had shot up, and I came very close to fainting. How embarrassing!!

Anyway, I've been taking Motrin 600mg and Ultram since I got home. Although it has really sucked being in so much pain, I did get two days off of work with a doctor's excuse! That's always nice. :)

Ok, on to more important American Idol! What I don't get is that they make it SO obvious that they are lip syncing, yet they still wear the headphones. *eye roll*

I figured Lil would be in the bottom three, but I really didn't think she'd be the one to go. I figured she'd make it until next week. I must say though, she is a classy chick. What a last performance! Lil will definitely be a star if she wants it!

***brief intermission while washed up 70s singers perform***

Ok, disco is clearly dead. No doubt about that.

Not a surprise that Anoop is in the bottom three, but WHAT THE HECK?!?! ALLISON?!?!? I swear, sometimes I think this is rigged. No way she deserved to be in the bottom three! She'd better not go before Matt does! That would be WRONG!

Bye bye Anoop! Now, maybe you can find your razor and shave.

Ok, that's all for now! Got lots to do before bed!

Ridin' the disco train out!


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