Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Very First Blog Posting!

Blogging is something I've always wanted to do. However, technology is a little intimidating to me. I'm all about personal growth, so I'm trying to overcome my fear! Hopefully, over the next few weeks (and definitely during the summer when I have my life back) I can cutesy this thing up a bit. For now, I will deal with the template.

Since it's late, and my meds are kicking in (I'll explain that in a later post) the only thing I want to add to my blog tonight is my thoughts on American Idol. Here goes:

I think they've got it out for Lil, she did MUCH better tonight! Sometimes, I truly think the judges get together and predetermine who they want voted off. There's a lot of power in their comments each week. You can tell by the way America votes.

Kris has turned out to be a dark horse in this competition! He is so sweet, and he has an amazing voice. His ability to transform a song that I hate into one I can tolerate amazes me. He reminds me of David Cook in that aspect. The husband and I were chatting tonight about how much we hope his marriage can survive his fame. They are so young (isn't his wife adorable?!?!), and I'm just wondering how much the wife enjoys the little girls squealing over her husband. That would get OLD. FAST.

Danny ROCKS, and I love his voice. However, I don't think I'd tell him (or any man) on television that I thought his voice was "sexy." Paula is such a COUGER!!

Allison is AMAZING!!! She could possibly be the next Stevie Nicks or Pat Benatar. I can seriously imagine my children at my age knowing who she is (as I know who Stevie and Pat are). She has the talent and potential to leave her mark on the music industry for sure! I am astounded that she is only 16 years old!

Adam...the next American Idol. What else can I say? He doesnt even need to be on the same stage as the other contestants. Get a record deal already, and go make millions!

Matt couldnt have performed a better 70s song, but could have performed the song BETTER. He was trying too hard. I think Simon was right. He sounded "desperate." And with good reason. He has been in the bottom 3, what? two? three times? Tick tock, Matt. Tick tock.

Finally, Anoop...sweet, cute, lovable Anoop. What's up with the scruff on your chinny chin chin and the pink clothing?!?! No. Just No. Keep your bags packed, Anoop, you're a goner. I think my dogs even cringed at that last note.

Anyway, I'm voting for Lil this week, only because she doesn't deserve to go home BEFORE Anoop does.

You could flip a coin between Lil and Matt, though, because it's a toss up on which to toss out.

Can't wait to see which two go home tomorrow night! I bottom three: Anoop, Matt, and Lil ...looks familiar, huh?

My vote on who goes home....Anoop and Matt. The husband says Anoop and Lil.

Please leave your comments! I'd love to hear your AI thoughts!

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  1. I personaly think it will be LIL AND MATT.. sadly.. I like Matt.. oh well..
    Adam is my new fave...
    welcome to blogging!
    I've been busy making tons of cards this week myself.. check my blog.. http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com