Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go Fish!

It was a pretty dull weekend around these parts for ME, but the hubs had some fun with his buddy, Jay! The guys left Friday night for Shell Beach, Louisiana for some fishing with the Fishing Magician charters. Bobby and I went for his birthday last month, and had scheduled this trip within days of returning home. However, since the battle with the stones, I decided I'd best not take this trip. Lucky for Jay! He gladly took my place and lovingly told me I could get sick anytime. :) What a pal! They caught their limit of speckled trout and had a great time.

I'm still not convinced that Emily wouldn't love it if she was catching fish every time the bait hit the water! :) Maybe one day we can convince her to give it a try. To make it a fair trade, I will garden with her one Saturday morning...bleh.

This was my first time in the new house alone for a night, and it was weird. I never knew our house made so many noises that sounded JUST like a raging lunatic burglar doing his best to enter! Thankfully, I had my vicious fluffy girls to protect me! Yeah right! I'm sure they'd gladly hand me over to the lunatic burglar in exchange for a belly rub!

Tonight, Bobby took the trout out of the fridge and cooked some up for me and his mom. It was very good. I think I will permit him to go again VERY soon! :)

If you're ever down Louisiana way look up the Fishing Magician. Johnny Nunez is awesome, and you can tell him we sent you!

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