Saturday, May 9, 2009

Using Up My Stash (well, trying anyway)

I have so much scrapbooking stuff, that if I didn't buy ONE thing from now until this day NEXT year, I'd still have plenty!! So, today, I grabbed some older stuff. I made these two layouts using some older Cherry Arte papers and rubons. I even whipped out those metal embellishments from (literally) the first few months I started scrapping oh....EIGHT years ago! It may not be magazine worthy, but I'm proud for workin' the old stuff!

I'm such a product snob, that I feel as though I have to have the newest of the new the INSTANT it's available (I prefer to preorder new releases). Doing this obviously keeps me excited about the new, and I forget about the old. Trust me, the "old" is just a few months old. I can't scrap as fast as I buy, but I love trying! So, just two layouts for today. Hopefully a couple more tomorrow!
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  1. Love your pages...and I am totally envious of your porch!