Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Yesterday was a GOOD DAY. Bobby and I decided to go swimming, but thought we'd see how the girls liked the pool. As long as I've had Jewel, (8 years...she was 3 when I adopted her) I've never seen her swim. She does, however, LOVE LOVE LOVE playing under the waterhose! We thought she would LOVE the pool.

Um, wrong! She is NOT a graceful swimmer at all! Bobby took her in the shallow end and she KERPLUNKED her way back to the steps. It sounded the way you'd imagine a sumo wrestler to sound when he swims. Poor Jew Jew Beans!

Ok, one pup down, one to go.

When Wookie was a tiny pup (less than 3 months) I took her for a walk at the county lake (back in GA). For some reason unknown to anyone but that Noodle, she jumped into the lake when we got to the edge. She was the cutest little puppy and swam a perfect little mini circle right back out. She has hated water since! She is too much of a "pretty girl."

So, you can understand why I had my doubts about Wookie and the pool getting along famously. She clutched Bobby and put her sweet little head on his shoulder as if to say, "Please, daddy, don't do this."

He let her go in the shallow end, and she did a perfect little doggie paddle to the steps. Much like me, she does her best to swim without getting her hair wet. Soooo precious!

So, yes, I tortured my pups for the sake of photography. These will make cute scrapbook pages, so it was totally worth it! And besides, the girls got treats for their brave efforts!

Finally, it was OUR swim time! We stayed in the pool ALL day! What a blast! PopBob and Grammy joined us for the afternoon. Bobby made drinks for us, and we ended the day at The Backdoor.

I am LOVING summer vacation! I hope August is an eternity away!

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  1. Just wanted to say hi! I ran across your blog from two peas and enjoyed reading it a lot! Hope to check in with it regularly! :) Have a great week!